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Home & Business Back Up Power Solutions 

 In recent years, NJ has experienced horrific power outages due to downed power lines caused by heavy snow, ice, flooding, and high winds. For many, that meant no electricity; no heat, no running water, no food refrigeration, non-operational sump pumps, etc.…..FOR WEEKS, while power companies scrambled to get back online. This devastating experience has convinced many home and business owners to invest in back up power solutions. Kope Electric LLC understands the value of electricity to power your lifestyle. Stand up to unpredictable weather and unforeseen outages with an automatic generator back up power solution from Kope Electric. LLC.



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Mission Statement

By installing a generator, you have chosen to proactively prepare for an emergency power outage.  This wise decision will safeguard you, your business, and your family from the uncertain and disaturous effects of temporary power loss.  A back-up power solution is a sensible investment that will protect you and provide peace of mind for many years to come.  With a generator system installed by Kope Electric, you'll never have to feel powerless again.

Kope Electric is a Generac trained sales and service provider.  We can customize a back up power solution to meet your specific needs and comfort level.  Such an investment deserves the quality expertise and knowledge of EXPERIENCED NJ LICENSED professionals.  DON'T RISK under-sizing your unit with an improper installation by an un-qualified installer that won't be able to warranty and service your unit after install!

Kope Electric will handle your installation from start to finish; from all township permit and HOA applications, to unit sizing and location, foundation preparation, contracting and site work, to inspection scheduling.  We provide the area's most competitive and manufacturer authorized warranty service and preventative maintenance contracts.  Rest assured you are in good hands with Kope Electric.